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Good bye, Chuck. No rock without you. (Yeah, I guess you never can tell)

"That which is novice-friendly is too frequently expert-hostile, and vice versa." (Tom Christiansen)

"... As I've said, as long as European countries allow their enterprises to exploit and destroy the people's homelands, so that life there simply is not possible anymore, they have the duty to receive and to house them. All of them." >>> Continue reading >>>

"A door slams shut. Before your eyes the years keep changing their skin, and you have long lost any delight in watching their obvious nakedness." (MW)

Keep in mind: It was the banks' failures who put Greece in the debt it is in now. And it is banks who are on the receiving end of all the so-called support programs - public funds tunnelled into private pockets via a scheme forced upon the Greek people by the German-led EU by extortion, political blackmail and sheer brute force. And the same private hands are trying to get a hold on large parts of the Greek estate by - again - forcing privatization of state property. This is not the Europe we've voted for. This is colonialism all over again. Syriza, Hellas - please resist. You are a rare spark of hope in Europe!


"What do you fear then?" "A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valour has gone beyond recall and desire." (Tolkien, LOTR)

Think about it: Saving the banks from their financial crisis in the end amounts to transferring public wealth to private offshore businessmen, who have proven to not be capable of managing it. No receipt, no liabilities, and no return. This must be heaven for them ...  (MW)

Welcome to my place on the web.

I have put up this page because at a certain point I found it necessary to provide a point of reference for those, who - for one reason or another - needed to get some information about me (always be friendly to your local policeman, they told me ;-). I then realized that beside the things people needed to know, there were also things I wanted them to know. And so I threw them both together, and hey presto! about came this site.

Besides being personal and professional in nature, there is another distinction in the material.

  • One part is related to computing: this consists of pieces of software I wrote, articles and howtos, links and various information on the topic (this is mostly UNIX/Linux stuff).

  • The other part stems from a more obscure side of myself: my literary writings.
    When I was still a proof-reader I took up writing short stories and essays, and even tried my hand at a novel. Some of the stuff was published, some not, and what of it has been digitally mastered, is collected here.

  • And then there are some professional and personal details.

Markus Wernig

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